About Us

Sounds of Freedom


The mission of Sounds of Freedom is to minister to God’s people by empowering them to embrace the freedom found in Jesus Christ through the indwelling of His spirit.


Sounds of Freedom’s vision is to pursue and celebrate the freedom and abundant life that Christ has given us and into which He is leading us deeper, alongside the Church and the global Christian community, in fulfillment of the Great Commission to “go forth and make disciples.”

The mission and vision of Sounds of Freedom shall be accomplished by:

  • serving and empowering through anointed music.
  • inner healing.
  • partnering with other ministries.
  • special events, retreats, and seminars.
  • integrating faith and business.

The story of God’s relationship with mankind is perhaps best told through the idea of deliverance. In the Old Testament God delivered the Israelites from numerous trials (the flood, Pharaoh, foreign occupation, etc.). In the New Testament, the ultimate delivery of mankind from the wages of sin is made manifest in Jesus. The notion that we, as Christians, still need to experience deliverance even after salvation is an important one. Christians are not immune from the struggles of the flesh and the spirit: depression, anxiety, and worry can all be found in the lives of Believers. How then, is the freedom promised to us in Christ made evident in our lives?

Many Christians know the TRUTH of the Gospel – Jesus came to set us free from our sins. However, they often struggle with what being “set free” means in the context of their day-to-day lives. What does it mean for Christians to be set free? Christians – through the TRUTH of Christ – have been freed FROM things and are free TO DO things. Sounds of Freedom seeks to minister to Christians by helping them develop a deep understanding of their freedoms in Christ. In essence, helping us know what freedom really sounds like to those thirsting and hungering for deliverance. Those suffering with spiritual oppression can be freed through anointed music that delivers a powerful word to the struggling. Business men and women are freed from trying to separate their business and personal lives by learning to infuse Christian principles into their workplaces. Dedicated spaces for teaching, learning, and contemplation free us to encounter God in an intimate and refreshing way. All of these opportunities to experience and authentically embrace the freedom we have in Christ are integral parts of the mission and vision of Sounds of Freedom.